Enrich the World Through Circles of Connections You Trust with SQUIZZ.com

SQUIZZ.com lives by its mission of connecting everyone through universally trusted environments and empowering individuals and organisations to unlock their potential, no matter their location or size.

SQUIZZ.com is a universal connected commerce platform that allows people and organisations to connect, automate and trade, while seamlessly collaborating through trusted relationships. This allows all to connect, automate, trade and share information within a highly secure encrypted relationship.

The company’s philosophy is simple: Connect once and securely and electronically trade with everyone connected. SQUIZZ.com aims to:

  • Streamline and automate organization workflows with 100% accuracy
  • Eliminate manual processes and mistakes that can cascade through the supply chain
  • Allow real-time inquiries on orders, invoices, catalogues, pricing, stock and accounts
  • Level the playing field by enabling businesses of any size, using any software, to trade electronically

SQUIZZ.com thrives on B2B and B2C e-commerce, delivering integrated e-commerce websites to wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and other distributors.

Since 2011, SQUIZZ.com has been actively designing, engineering and constructing the SQUIZZ.com platform, a secure universal EDI transaction platform that eliminates the high implementation cost of customized integrations. Any business can simply register on Squizz.com and then invite other businesses to connect and automate their trading relationship.

Points of Difference

  • The platform has no user fees, subscription fees, license fees or hosting fees.
  • SQUIZZ.com only derives revenue from a small activity fee when an organization benefits from an efficiency or a value-added activity. Value-added activities make possible Intelligence As A Service (IAAS) and directly correlates to operational expenditure. This is fast becoming a favoured approach by organisations worldwide.
  • One of the company’s six core values is trust. The organization holds itself accountable to provide a highly secure and encrypted platform. It provides the integrity and confidence to protect the data and conversations that its customers own.
  • All data is protected within secure encrypted vaults.

ChannelAdvisor Integration

SQUIZZ.com’s integration with ChannelAdvisor means your organisation no longer needs to input orders received via ChannelAdvisor into your business system.

SQUIZZ.com automates the process through the following actions:

  • The SQUIZZ.com connector extracts any new sales orders from ChannelAdvisor at regular intervals using API requests
  • These new sales orders can then be validated against your inventory and customer account data
  • Any extra or missing data can be added
  • SQUIZZ.com then passes the validated and complete sales orders to your business system for picking and packing
  • Manual processing time, errors and costs are eliminated

Connect and trade — SQUIZZ.com takes care of the rest.

Sign up on SQUIZZ.com, register your organisation and get more information about integrating with ChannelAdvisor.