ShopRunner is a leader in helping U.S. retailers with their domestic and global e-commerce strategies. ShopRunner enables its partners to acquire the best online shoppers who make purchases more frequently and buy more products than other customers. More than 100 best-in-class retailers including Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers, Toys R Us, Newegg and GNC have made ShopRunner their “go-to” provider of VIP e-commerce services.

The best online shoppers love ShopRunner because they receive the following benefits:

  • Network-wide free 2-day shipping
  • Unlimited free return shipping
  • Express checkout
  • PC/mobile/tablet access
  • Exclusive members-only offers and access

ShopRunner’s custom marketing gets retailers in front of the best online shoppers We work with you to maximize your reach by amplifying your messages, promotions and campaigns through ShopRunner’s online, mobile, and social channels. We support and supplement your current marketing efforts to achieve your business objectives.

Integrating ShopRunner into your online store is simple.

  1. Website Messaging & Logic — Integration is customized to your site so ShopRunner members have a unified experience across the network to facilitate fast & easy checkout
  2. Order Management System — Basic update to flag ShopRunner orders for 2-day shipping and send order information to ShopRunner
  3. Express Checkout — Support API interface that enables your business to process orders while receiving payment and address information

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