ShipStation is here for all sizes of businesses, whether you’re shipping
out a few things to thousands a day. We’ll import your orders from wherever
you sell (including ChannelAdvisor) and our time-saving app will help you
manage your orders so that you can ship them out quickly. Set automation
rules & filters to save you hours everyday. No more copying & pasting
addresses for you. Want to ship out packages with UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL,
and more? You can process them in whatever sequence you want, and then
print them in batches of hundreds of labels at a time. We integrate with
dozens of marketplaces, shopping carts & other tools to give you a full
view of your sales & make it easy for you to organize and process them in a
snap. Ready to save hours a day?

Sign up for a free trial today to see just how amazing your life could be
with ShipStation!

Key Features:

  • See everything: Import all your orders & send back tracking
    information and order status
  • Automatic decision-making through automation rules
  • Customizations galore: Brand your e-mails, packing slips, and labels
  • Ship in batch: Create hundreds of label at a time, mixing and matching
    various carriers
  • Web-based: No need to download any software, plus ShipStation is both
    Mac and PC compatible
  • Mobile app: access your orders and create labels on the go with
    ShipStation’s iOS and Android app
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