Your Online Shopping Experience. Personalized.

Kala is a new kind of marketplace that takes the search out of shopping by changing the way buyers and sellers engage online. What makes us different is that Kala, acting as a virtual shopping assistant, offers a conversational and interactive experience rather than a typical sales transaction. By personalizing the shopping experience, Kala makes finding and buying products online easier than ever for consumers, while more effectively driving sales opportunities for retailers and brands by delivering relevant, customized offers at exactly the right time. Best of all, Kala does this without resorting to mass discounts and promotions that hurt your profitability and brand equity.

As mobile commerce continues to grow as a leading channel for e-commerce, Kala’s unique conversational interface, designed by a team of experts from MIT, provides the perfect environment for shopping on the go. Our approach fundamentally changes the way buyers and sellers engage with each other — not by using invasive data analytics or push marketing campaigns, but by engaging shoppers based on their needs right now to provide the ideal product, at the right price, at the exact right time.

With Kala’s innovative consumer-driven shopping model, you’re more than just one of thousands of search results — you are one of a few select products and offers that the customer sees, significantly improving your visibility and sales opportunities. Kala presents products to consumers based on the best match to what they are seeking, and never sells product positioning that pushes other sellers lower in the search results for consumers. With Kala, you will also enjoy lower selling fees than you experience through other marketplaces, and you will also receive your payments very quickly.

Integrated seamlessly with ChannelAdvisor and designed to create a better online shopping experience, Kala’s mission is to evolve online retail to meet the needs of modern, mobile consumers and…

Drive the future of more personalized e-commerce experience.