Pick it. Click it. Collect it with Click to Collect.


Click to Collect is a new marketplace exclusively for ChannelAdvisor clients selling into the Caribbean, Central American, and Andean South American regions.

Click to Collect owns all international movements and payments — so US sellers can treat them as domestic transactions. Click to Collect supports and manages local payments and translations. All sellers must do is ship their products to Click to Collect’s Miami warehouse and its team will manage all cross-border shipping and clearance direct to the international customer.

Click to Collect owns the logistics, delivery and locker network, ensuring an efficient and customer-centric process from purchase through delivery.

Key Takeaways

Click to Collect has:

  • 60+ million addressable customers
  • $23B+ in 2021 forecasted eCommerce online sales
  • An owned logistics infrastructure
  • No competition in its operating region

We are really excited to bring this new marketplace to you first.

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Register here – https://seller.clicktocollect.com/business/signup/