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July 6, 2011 Dungeon Crawl Online Sales Surge with ChannelAdvisor

Largest eBay Game Seller in Australia Drives Efficiency, Triples Sales through Multiple Online Channels

Melbourne, AU – July 6, 2011 – ChannelAdvisor, a global e-commerce platform provider that enables retailers to sell more across online channels, announced today that Dungeon Crawl, Australia’s largest eBay game seller and fifth largest eBay seller overall, has tripled its sales since employing ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplaces and Premium Webstore solutions. Dungeon Crawl recently also signed up for ChannelAdvisor’s Mobile Webstores and Comparison Shopping products, enabling the company to manage its entire e-commerce business with a single interface, on a unified and scalable platform.

Prior to signing with ChannelAdvisor, Dungeon Crawl ran its online store only on eBay. Due to increased demand from their shoppers, the company expanded to its own website, dungeoncrawl.com.au, using ChannelAdvisor’s Premium Webstore product. As a result, Dungeon Crawl was able to quickly provide an enhanced shopping experience and triple their sales in a three month period.

“When we initially did our research to find a vendor that fits our needs, we felt that ChannelAdvisor’s range of products was the best of breed in the market,” said Neville Samuels, co-owner, Dungeon Crawl. “Not only has ChannelAdvisor helped us automate processes that we were unable to do on eBay, they have helped us manage our inventory effectively, and provide our customers with a better, more efficient shopping experience. Even now, after launch and being in market, I continue to be impressed by ChannelAdvisor’s responsiveness, proactive strategic recommendations and industry knowledge. The ChannelAdvisor e-commerce platform and the support team here in Melbourne have made my business what it is today.”

By automating tedious, day-to-day tasks, like inventory management and order fulfillment, Dungeon Crawl was able to operate more strategically and give its customers a better shopping experience. Specifically, the Marketplaces Order Management tool helped Dungeon Crawl fulfill orders quickly and monitor and respond to customers via a unique tracking number. The tool also ensured that unpaid customer transactions were dealt quickly and efficiently.

“Dungeon Crawl’s growth using the ChannelAdvisor e-commerce platform is a great example of every retailer’s potential online,” said Mark Gray, managing director, APAC, ChannelAdvisor. “With an automated approach to selling products via multiple online channels, every retailer can see similar success.”

“Marketplaces and Premium Webstores were a great starting point for Dungeon Crawl, and the addition of Mobile Webstores and Comparison Shopping will now take them to the next level,” Gray added.

ChannelAdvisor’s Mobile Webstores and Comparison Shopping products have enabled Dungeon Crawl to further direct traffic to their online store and increase conversions. According to Samuels, ChannelAdvisor’s Comparison Shopping solution was a key addition to their arsenal of tools to drive traffic to their new website. Australia has seen a massive increase of shopping portals, from just four in 2009 to nine viable engines today. Furthermore, Dungeon Crawl’s ability to engage with smart phone users with their mobile store has increased sales and usability with seamless streamlined mobile payments via PayPal.

ChannelAdvisor’s platform enables retailers to submit one inventory feed to where it is translated, optimised and distributed to fit the specifications of various online channels. Dungeon Crawl founders were able to create ToolHQ.com.au, a power tool shopping website, utilising the same ChannelAdvisor platform they ran their gaming business from.

“We were able to see a gap in the power tool online market and fill it very quickly,” said Samuels. “We are currently exploring three other business opportunities and we hope to see them come to fruition soon. Our long term business strategy could not be fulfilled without ChannelAdvisor.”

ChannelAdvisor powers leading retailers globally including Dell, OO.com, Under Armour, Corporate Express, Crocs, eMitch Ltd, 3M and Speedo.

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