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March 16, 2011 ChannelAdvisor Unveils Market’s First Inventory-Driven Paid Search Offering for Retailers

Company Announces Game-Changing Functionality as Part of 2011 Spring Release

Research Triangle Park, NC – March 16, 2011 – ChannelAdvisor, a software and services solution provider that enables online retailers to sell more across e-commerce channels, today announced the immediate availability of Inventory Driven Search, a ground-breaking way to market a complete catalog of products through paid search.

“This offering solves a tremendous challenge for both retailers and consumers alike,” said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo. “Consumers today are not just searching for broad topics or categories like ‘cameras’ or ‘smartphones’ – they’re searching for specific item numbers, SKUs and sizes. If a retailer wants to be ‘found’ with such a specific search, they have to keep up with thousands of different products and an inventory base that changes in real time. This feature enables retailers with deep inventory to dramatically improve their paid search strategy with product ads that update in tandem with inventory updates, whether it is price changes, promotions or items in or out of stock. The result is higher conversions for the retailer and a more efficient search for the end user.”

Using ChannelAdvisor’s robust inventory management system, the new Inventory Driven Search feature allows retailers to create unique ads, keywords and ad groups for each product while ensuring that only in-stock products are being advertised. This announcement headlines ChannelAdvisor’s 2011 Spring Release, which also includes updates to ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplaces, Comparison Shopping and Webstores solutions.

ChannelAdvisor’s Inventory Driven Search feature allows retailers to:

  • Automatically create campaigns and ad groups specific to their products
  • Automatically pause advertising for out-of-stock products and reactivate when the products come back into stock
  • Create “never stale” ads that are product specific and always updated based on changes in product data such as price, brand and promotions
  • Create keywords automatically using a powerful data-transformation engine
  • Monitor product-level keyword performance using interactive dashboards

“Our inventory includes more than 12,000 unique products, which makes it challenging to keep up with promotions, price changes and the competition,” said Jose Prendes, founder and president of PureFormulas.com, an online health supplement retailer. “Since implementing ChannelAdvisor’s Inventory Driven Search, our revenue has grown by 30 percent and our ad spend has decreased by 20 percent. If you’re running paid search campaigns online, this is a no brainer.”

In addition to Inventory Driven Search, ChannelAdvisor announced complete support for all Marketplaces customers selling on eBay as they transition to eBay Checkout. In the fall of 2010 eBay announced that it would no longer support third-party checkouts. ChannelAdvisor has developed a plan of action to enable retailers to quickly and easily transition over to eBay Checkout with minimal disruption. As the deadline to transition approaches, ChannelAdvisor’s 2011 Spring Release contains steps to guide customers through the transition process.

Also included in ChannelAdvisor’s 2011 Spring Release is enhanced product updating capability for ChannelAdvisor’s Webstores solution. When a customer makes changes to a product in ChannelAdvisor, or the quantity is automatically updated based on sales in another channel, the changes are now reflected on their storefront more quickly, ensuring that Webstore shoppers are viewing the most up-to-date and accurate product information. Retailers with larger product catalogs are seeing up to a 15X improvement in sync times.

Finally, ChannelAdvisor’s 2011 Spring Release includes major infrastructure investments and upgrades to increase storage space, improve the processing speed of ChannelAdvisor products and create room for future growth. ChannelAdvisor considers these investments integral to maintaining its position as the essential partner in e-commerce.

For complete information on ChannelAdvisor’s 2011 Spring Release go to www.channeladvisor.com/Spring-Release. Retailers interested in discovering how Inventory Driven Search can help them sell more should contact ChannelAdvisor at 866.264.8594 or moc.rosivdalennahcnull@ofni to arrange a personalized demo. Also, ChannelAdvisor’s Wingo and Director of Product Development Link Walls will be hosting a webinar on March 23, 2011 at 1:00 pm EDT to share with online retailers the inside scoop on the benefits of the 2011 Spring Release.

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