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August 24, 2010 ChannelAdvisor Takes Action as eBay Announces Sunset of Third-Party Checkout

ChannelAdvisor Takes Action as eBay Announces Sunset of Third-Party Checkout

ChannelAdvisor Provides Next Steps and Advice for Customers Using Third-Party Checkout

Research Triangle Park, NC – August 24, 2010 – In response to eBay’s announcement today that it will terminate third-party checkout next year, ChannelAdvisor, a solution provider that enables online retailers to improve efficiency and increase revenue, announces steps to guide its customers through this transition in advance of the official termination on June 30, 2011.

“A consistent, familiar checkout experience benefits eBay sellers and buyers alike, so over the coming months we will transition to a single eBay Checkout process on the site,” said Dinesh Lathi, vice president of Buyer and Seller Experience at eBay. “Service providers like ChannelAdvisor offer invaluable solutions beyond checkout to help retailers take full advantage of the eBay marketplace, and we will continue to collaborate closely with ChannelAdvisor to support these contributions to eBay sellers’ success.”

“We agree that it is important for eBay shoppers to have a predictable experience each time they shop on eBay,” said Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor. “However, our online retailer customers are currently in overdrive ramping up for the fourth quarter and the holiday season, so the main message we want to impart is that they can continue to use ChannelAdvisor’s checkout throughout the holiday season, with plenty of time to transition in 2011.”

EBay is still refining its checkout and has not yet released the full-featured version. As Lathi stated at ChannelAdvisors’ annual Catalyst event, ChannelAdvisor has been working with eBay on enhancements to the company’s existing checkout regarding tax and shipping. ChannelAdvisor will continue to work with eBay and will offer complete support for eBay Checkout for all customers as it becomes available.

Even though the termination of third-party checkout will not take place until June 30, 2011, ChannelAdvisor does support eBay Immediate Payment Checkout now, and can assist any retailer that would like to transition.

For ChannelAdvisor Premium Marketplaces Customers:

  • ChannelAdvisor currently supports eBay Immediate Payment Checkout
  • For more information, retailers can visit the following page on ChannelAdvisor’s Strategy and Support Center that will be continually updated as further instructions are available: http://ssc.channeladvisor.com/ebay-checkout-transition

For ChannelAdvisor Basic Marketplaces Customers:

  • ChannelAdvisor currently offers full support for both eBay Immediate Payment Checkout and eBay Checkout, and can help any retailer that would like to transition to either of these checkout systems
  • For more information, retailers can visit the following page that will be continually updated as further instructions are available: http://marketplaceadvisor.channeladvisor.com/en/faq/question_view.aspx?QUID=6617

ChannelAdvisor continues to innovate its checkout to ensure the best possible experience for retailers on eBay, as well as for retailers using ChannelAdvisor’s Webstore solution. Beyond checkout, ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplaces solution will continue to provide value through inventory and listing management, reporting and analytics, and professional support and services. To learn more about ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplaces solution visit http://www.channeladvisor.com/marketplaces/

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