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October 6, 2011 ChannelAdvisor Revs Up Sales for Automotive Industry

ChannelAdvisor’s E-Commerce Offering Attracts Six of the Top 10 Auto Retailers

Research Triangle Park, NC – October 6, 2011 – ChannelAdvisor, a global e-commerce platform provider that enables retailers to sell more across online channels, today announced its new e-commerce solution customized for automotive retailers. ChannelAdvisor’s automotive offering is now powering six out of the of the top 10 online auto-parts sellers in the United States. ChannelAdvisor’s work with retailers such as Ford, Jegs, Volvo of Dallas and many more has distinguished the software company as the premier automotive e-commerce solution provider.

“The automotive category is the largest category on eBay and the fastest growing third-party category on Amazon,” said David Spitz, president and COO of ChannelAdvisor. “Recently, Buy.com began offering a special rate to our automotive customers in order to gain ground in the automotive sector as well. There is tremendous potential for auto retailers to expand their e-commerce businesses with ChannelAdvisor’s platform.”

ChannelAdvisor’s automotive offering is distinguished by its ability to automate the online sales process and integrate with third-party systems, significantly increasing retailers’ efficiency. The Marketplaces solution of the ChannelAdvisor platform automates the tedious, day-to-day tasks associated with selling on marketplaces, especially for the auto segment that requires specific details like make, model and year for every product.

In addition to its automation capabilities, ChannelAdvisor is currently working to integrate with a leading dealer management system that powers half of the auto dealership industry. ChannelAdvisor also integrates with customer relationship management software such as Salesforce.com, as well as shipping software such as ShipWorks, Stone Edge and more. By integrating with these advanced technologies that are key to automotive retailers, ChannelAdvisor brings the selling process full circle, automating detailed listings for every product, pooling orders in one location and tracking individual order fulfillment. Retailers can simply observe how their products are performing across all online channels through ChannelAdvisor’s interface.

ChannelAdvisor’s expert solution is not only beneficial for large automotive sellers and dealerships, but also for those who specialize in the following markets:

• OEM,
• Aftermarket,
• Replacement parts,
• Performance parts,
• Exterior and interior accessories, and
• Motorcycle accessories.

“We’ve been using ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplaces solution to sell our motor sports equipment and accessories on Amazon and eBay for several years now, and have been very pleased with the efficiencies the system affords us,” said Kevin Lehman, president of Performance MotorSports. “We’re also able to compare how each product is performing on each marketplace, as well as our overall performance on each marketplace, so we can make smart decisions about where to allocate our products to drive the most sales.”

Beyond marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor also offers paid search features that are also especially advantageous to online automotive retailers. Inventory Driven Search (IDS) is ideal for this industry where shoppers’ searches tend to be very specific. IDS empowers automotive retailers to take advantage of the long tail nature of these searches, automatically creating and managing product-specific paid search advertising that can target consumers looking for automotive products specific to the year, make and model of any vehicle.

ChannelAdvisor offers multiple levels of service for its automotive retailers. This includes two tiered self-service options with hands-on guidance during the launch process, as well as a fully managed service option with full support for every aspect of the retailers’ e-commerce strategy from start to finish.

For complete information on ChannelAdvisor’s e-commerce platform visit www.channeladvisor.com/solutions/the-platform.

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