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August 26, 2008 ChannelAdvisor Launches Powerful E-Commerce Storefront Enabling Online Retailers to Create Compelling Customer Experiences

Premium Webstores Provides Online Retailers Design Flexibility, Full Platform Integration and Search Engine Optimization through a Consolidated Interface

Research Triangle Park, NC – August, 26 2008 – ChannelAdvisor, the leading provider of e-commerce channel management solutions, today announced Premium Webstores, a powerful e-commerce storefront that allows online retailers to design customizable, search-friendly sites that enhance the shopping experience and lift conversions. Fully integrated with MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, a consolidated interface helps sellers better manage their businesses and experience stronger growth across all e-commerce channels.

Today’s online retailers are growing at exponential rates as they juggle the demands of multi-channel retailing with rigid website design functionality that is not integrated with their e-commerce solutions. Together with ChannelAdvisor’s MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, Premium Webstores provides website navigational and design flexibility that lets retailers extend a better shopping experience, manage inventory, build their brand and solidify customer loyalty.

Premium Webstores will assist online retailers such as ProtoGolf (www.protogolf.com), a leading online retailer of golf clubs, apparel and accessories that has sprung from an e-Bay only seller to a multichannel retailer in less than three years.

“Premium Webstores allowed us to design an ideal storefront that integrated seamlessly with MarketplaceAdvisor Premium and accurately conveyed our brand message,” says Hunter Goodson, President of ProtoGolf. “With the ability to track higher traffic and more repeat visits, we envision an easy pathway to growth and more visibility across online channels without worrying about whether our website is up and running.”

“Multichannel retailers want to focus on growing their businesses instead of keeping up with website technology,” said Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor. “With Premium Webstores, they can rely on our expertise to build the shopping experience their customers want and integrate it with MarketplaceAdvisor Premium’s unified inventory system to get the same ease of use, scalability and reliability they’ve come to expect from us.”

About Premium Webstores
Premium Webstores provides online retailers with website design flexibility that enhances the shopping experience, increases multichannel exposure, boosts conversions and nets maximum ROI.

About ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor (NYSE: ECOM) is a leading e-commerce cloud platform whose mission is to connect and optimize the world’s commerce. For nearly two decades, ChannelAdvisor has helped brands and retailers worldwide improve their online performance by expanding sales channels, connecting with consumers around the world, optimizing their operations for peak performance, and providing actionable analytics to improve competitiveness. Thousands of customers depend on ChannelAdvisor to securely power their sales and optimize fulfillment on channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Walmart, and hundreds more. For more information, visit www.channeladvisor.com.

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