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May 29, 2012 ChannelAdvisor Announces Support for La Redoute marketplace

London, UK – 29 May 2012 – ChannelAdvisor, a global e-commerce platform provider that helps retailers sell more across online channels, today announced its support for La Redoute at the annual ChannelAdvisor Catalyst Europe conference.

La Redoute is France’s leading online retailer for fashion and home and a major player in the UK e-commerce landscape. La Redoute marketplace has been successfully launched end of 2010. Support for La Redoute will soon be available for all ChannelAdvisor customers that have inventory in the Marketplaces solution.

The partnership is part of ChannelAdvisor’s focus on supporting third-party marketplaces, which have seen impressive growth across Europe and the USA. ChannelAdvisor aims to support the diversity of marketplaces and also enhance cross-border trade for its customers.

“We are very excited to be working with ChannelAdvisor. Its strong reputation and e-commerce experience as a leading platform provider were the main reasons we chose ChannelAdvisor as a partner,” commented Jeremy Pallot, Head of Marketplace Seller Team at Le Redoute. “We are confident that together we will successfully expand our thriving marketplace and help retailers reach out to a new customer base.”

“Cross-border sales and international expansion are important goals for most brands and retailers and integrating into marketplaces across Europe is a great way for retailers to penetrate these markets,” commented Seamus Whittingham, managing director EMEA at ChannelAdvisor. “This partnership has been driven by customer demand. We are committed to expanding to the most relevant channels, such as La Redoute, to help connect our retailers with new sources of revenue and customer acquisition. By partnering with La Redoute, our customers will soon be able to use their existing ChannelAdvisor integration to easily access La Redoute’s loyal customer base and world class e-commerce platform, without any additional internal resources.”

La Redoute has 11 million active customers globally, attracting more than 9 million unique visitors per month alone to its French site.

For more information on ChannelAdvisor’s marketplaces solutions, please visit www.channeladvisor.co.uk/solutions/the-platform/marketplaces

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About Le Redoute

“Anything goes!” – This is new La Redoute’s new slogan. In other words, it is a way to encourage difference and fight fashion dictates!

How to help women express their personality while incorporating the latest trends, guide men in refining their style and decorate interior spaces with reinvented classics. These are some of the things La Redoute teams have on their minds while designing collections.

With its roots in the world of textiles, La Redoute is currently a multi-specialist in apparel and home furnishings, and is now reasserting its unique point of view in these two areas. It offers easygoing, accessible and uncomplicated fashion that lets all women express their personalities. The brand’s visually pleasing home furnishings let you design your interior space to reflect your personal lifestyle.La Redoute is also developing specialized collections such as Taillissime, which offers plus-size clothing for men and women, and AM.PM, for home furnishings.

Now a true online fashion hub, La Redoute is distributing more and more external brands in order to offer customers an increasingly wider selection of products in addition to its own brands (Soft Grey, Active Wear, etc.). In La Redoute’s marketplace, products from brands such as Ed Hardy, Red Soul, Kappa and many more are available for online purchase.

Strengthening its presence on the web, the brand has launched a specialized website for shoes in France, www.shoestyle.fr, and a private-sale website, www.ventespriveesbylaredoute.fr.

La Redoute collections can be accessed via the brand’s smartphone applications (iPhone, iPad, Android), which feature the latest technology to make mobile shopping even easier.

Outside of France, La Redoute is spreading its “French touch” to 24 countries: the French brand has adopted positioning of a fashion-forward brand, and its collections benefit from an excellent image in terms of style and design.

You can also find La Redoute on Facebook and Twitter.

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