Upcoming Webinars

Sep 29, 2016A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling During the Holiday Season

To help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season, join Newegg and ChannelAdvisor for a webinar on Thursday, September 29 at 1 pm EDT as we detail how to create and execute an effective selling strategy for Q4.
Speakers: Mark Barlis, Marketing Manager, Newegg, Marketplace
Gregory Rice, Marketing Manager, Newegg Marketplace
Jay Pendrak, Strategic Partnership Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Sep 29, 2016Holiday Social: How Retailers Can Leverage Social Media to Grow Holiday Sales

With the holidays just around the corner, retailers need to make sure that all social campaigns are optimized and ready for the busiest season of the year. To help you prepare your social channels for the upcoming holiday season, join ChannelAdvisor experts for a webinar hosted by Internet Retailer on Thursday, September 29 at 2 pm EDT.
Speakers: Gabriel Francis, Global Product Marketing Manager, Facebook
Valerie Anders, Product Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor
Don Davis, Editor in Chief, Internet Retailer

Oct 04, 2016Make Your List, Check It Twice: Best Practices for Marketplaces Success in 2016

Are you looking for many ways to stand out on the many crowded marketplaces this holiday season? On Tuesday, October 4, at 2 p.m. EDT, join ChannelAdvisor as we explore the benefits of selling on multiple marketplaces and specific ways you can prepare your listings for the holiday season.
Speakers: Jayson Humphrey, Sr. Manager US Business Development, ChannelAdvisor
Jennifer Dipasquale, Publisher, Total Retail

Oct 05, 2016Google Your Way to Better Digital Marketing Campaigns

For a rundown on the latest tools from Google and the best strategies in the world of product advertising and PLAs, join experts from ChannelAdvisor on Wednesday, October 5 at 2 p.m. EDT for a webinar hosted by Multichannel Merchant.
Speakers: Sudi Malloy, Team Lead, US Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor
Link Walls, VP, Product Management, ChannelAdvisor
Daniela Forte, Associate Editor, Multichannel Merchant

Featured Webinars

Aug 16, 2016Your Ultimate E-Commerce Holiday Checklist

ChannelAdvisor Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Scot Wingo unwraps this year’s holiday tips and trends that will help you capitalize on the coming holiday season.
Speakers:Scot Wingo, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, ChannelAdvisor

Aug 10, 2016Staying One Step Ahead on Amazon

E-commerce experts discuss the top methods for successful sellers on Amazon marketplace and how you can implement them for your business.
Speakers: Cathy Hinek, Team Lead, Marketplaces Client Services, ChannelAdvisor
Sarah Young, Digital Marketplace Specialist, Augusta Sportswear Group

Jul 13, 2016Direct From 71lbs and Hublogix: Solutions to Scale Your Logistics and Increase Profitability

Join ChannelAdvisor and two of our strategic partners, 71lbs and HubLogix, for to find out how to make the most of your logistics opportunities while meeting increasing customer demands.
Speakers: Christian Hassold, CEO, HubLogix
Curt McDowell, Business Development for Automotive and Powersports Retailers, ChannelAdvisor
Ellen Riley, Chief Operating Officer, 71lbs

Jul 12, 2016It's Launch Time, Do You Know Where Your Products Are?

In this webinar ShopAdvisor and ChannelAdvisor detail the best practices for increasing drive-to-purchase (both online and offline) through more precise product availability information, as well as the challenges and opportunities available for both brands and retailers.
Speakers: Dave Cocca, CPO, ShopAdvisor
Jeremy Daly, CTO, ShopAdvisor
Jeff Messer, Director of Product Management, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 29, 2016Selling on Walmart: A How-To Guide

ChannelAdvisor and Walmart discuss the benefits of selling on the Walmart Marketplace, as well as how to get started and tips for success.
Speakers: Tri Huynh, Director of Business Development & Seller Integration, Walmart
Mark Vandegrift, VP of Product Management, Marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 16, 2016Broadening Your Horizons Beyond Amazon and eBay

ChannelAdvisor focuses on some of the most compelling marketplaces around: Jet, Overstock, Sears, Walmart and more. We’ll explore their business models, buyer demographics and tips for successful selling.
Speakers: Allison Enright, Editor, Internet Retailer
Jayson Humphrey, Senior Manager, US Business Development, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 14, 2016Your E-Commerce Guide to Google RLSA

Learn how to re-engage shoppers — and past customers with Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. RLSA allows you to strategically serve ads to users based on their past behavior on your site. Join Google and ChannelAdvisor for a webinar to help you best take advantage of this powerful program.
Speakers: Sara Waters, Agency Development Manager, Google
Nicholas DiPietro, Digital Marketing Team Lead, ChannelAdvisor

May 11, 2016Selling on eBay: Why, What & How

When it comes to eBay there’s a lot to navigate and manage – but it’s also a huge opportunity if you have the right tools and knowledge. Join eBay and ChannelAdvisor for an exclusive webinar to learn about the programs and promotions that can boost your profitability on this leading marketplace.
Speakers: Britte Bennett, Channel Partner Manager, eBay
Jayson Humphrey, Sr. Manager, US Business Development ChannelAdvisor

Apr 26, 2016ChannelAdvisor Spring Release 2016: E-Commerce in Focus

Members of the ChannelAdvisor team discuss the newest tools, insights and functionality included in this year’s Spring Release.
Speakers: Amanda Caldwell, Sales Engineer, Brands, ChannelAdvisor;
Alison Held, Product Manager, Marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor;
Amy Lubell, Director of Product Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Apr 20, 2016A Retailer's Guide to Google: PLAs, PPC & SEO

We’ll help you make the most of the many retail opportunities Google has to offer and how they all work together in this webinar devoted to all things Google.
Speakers: David Monterroso, Senior Sales Engineer, ChannelAdvisor;


May 25, 2016Grow Sales by Selling on Newegg Business Marketplace

Learn about the Newegg B2B platform and how you can maximize your selling opportunities in this webinare co-hosted by Newegg Business Marketplace and ChannelAdvisor.
Speakers: Claire Lin, Director of Marketing and Merchandising, Newegg;
Jonathan Yin, Senior Category Manager, Newegg;
Jay Pendrak, Strategic Partnership Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Mar 22, 2016Advertising on Amazon: How to Get Ahead with Sponsored Products

Learn how to help your listings get the attention they deserve on this webinar about Amazon Sponsored Products.
Speakers: Rachel Shelton, Sales Manager, Amazon Sponsored Products;
Alison Held, Marketplaces Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Feb 11, 2016Optimize Content on Your Product Listing - Start 2016 the Right Way with Newegg

This webinar will discuss how to optimize content and improve your SEO ranking on Newegg Marketplace.
Speakers: Mark Barlis, Marketing Manager, Newegg Marketplace;
Greg Rice, Marketing Manager, Newegg Marketplace
Jay Pendrak, Strategic Partnerships Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Feb 03, 2016Everything Amazon: How to Keep Up with the Latest Changes

ChannelAdvisor recaps the tops changes Amazon made in 2015 and how that affects sellers now.
Speakers: Amy Lubell, Director of Product Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Jan 28, 2016How to Drive Online Sales with eBay Motors

eBay Motors and ChannelAdvisor discuss the ins and outs of selling on eBay Motors and how it can help grow your e-commerce business in 2016.
Speakers: Matt Thomas, Director and Sr. Merchant, eBay Motors Parts and Accessories;
Curt McDowell, Business Development Manager for Parts and Accessories, ChannelAdvisor

Oct 07, 2015How to Create an Effective Pricing Strategy for Amazon

Learn best practices for determining how to price (and reprice) your listings on Amazon at a level where you can nab the sale and still make money.
Speakers: Nathan Franco, Co-Founder and President of Business Development, Limited Goods;
Jessica Johnson, Campaign Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Sep 16, 2015Five Advanced Tactics to Grow Your Amazon Business

This webinar discusses the top five tactics that retailers must execute to amplify their presence on Amazon.
Speakers: Gina DeFrank, Senior Product Manager, Marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor;
John Bryan, Team Lead, Marketplace Services, ChannelAdvisor

Aug 05, 2015The Best Practices for Selling on Newegg Marketplace

Newegg and ChannelAdvisor identify best practices for selling on Newegg Marketplace, and how to apply them to your sales plan for a winning strategy.
Speakers: Mark Barlis, Marketing Manager, Newegg Marketplace;
Greg Rice, Marketing Manager, Newegg Marketplace;
Jayson Humphrey, Strategic Partnership Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Apr 22, 2015Mapping Your Marketplace Moves

Hear from Build.com, who shares how the company has made marketplaces a driving force for their sales, and some of the successes and challenges they experienced along the way. This webinar also offers a study in short-term versus long-term marketplaces strategies.
Speakers: Luke Evans, Manager, Marketplaces Services, ChannelAdvisor;
Mackenzie Laney, Marketplaces Manager, Build.com

Mar 18, 20157 Ways to Get Kicked Off Amazon: Are You Guilty?

Learn seven of the most common reasons why retailers get suspended from Amazon and how to avoid making any missteps.
Speaker: Ryan Barker, Campaign Manager, Marketplace Services, ChannelAdvisor

Mar 10, 2015Thinking Outside the Box: How Jet.com Is Empowering Retailers to Win in E-Commerce and Sell Brilliant

Learn about the new marketplace on the block, Jet — the retailer-friendly, membership-based marketplace that offers competitive prices on millions of products, across all major categories.
Speakers: Marc Lore, CEO and Co-Founder, Jet;
Scott Hilton, Chief Revenue Officer, Jet;
Scot Wingo, CEO and Co-Founder, ChannelAdvisor;
Mark Vandegrift, Director, Business Development, ChannelAdvisor

Feb 11, 201515 Tactics Great Amazon Sellers Live By

Gain guidance on important strategies that great Amazon sellers employ to keep their products and brands front and center with shoppers.
Speakers: Josh Jamieson, Team Lead, Marketplace Services, ChannelAdvisor

Digital Marketing

Apr 06, 2016Checklist for Google Shopping's New GTIN Requirements

Are you prepared for Google’s New GTIN Requirements? Google is requiring advertisers to include GTINs in their feed by May 16 at the latest or risk being suspended. Find out how you can prepare for this change in this webinar presented by Google and ChannelAdvisor.
Speakers: Rob Rekrutiak, Product Manager, Google Shopping;
Jonathan Hungate, Managed Services Team Lead, ChannelAdvisor

Aug 27, 2015Foolproof Strategies: How Successful Retailers Have Mastered SEO

ChannelAdvisor SEO Strategist Tansy OBryant tackles the essential SEO components you need to get right for online retail — during the holiday season and beyond.
Speaker: Tansy OBryant, SEO Strategiest, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 10, 2015No More Guesswork: Stop Sabotaging Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Learn important trends happening with Google Shopping, how each component of your campaign contributes to your success and actionable tips to improve your management strategy.
Speakers: Greg Ives, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor;
Evan Carroll, Product Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Sep 11, 2014From Conversation to Conversion: Getting Smart About Retail Digital Marketing Part II

Part two of a two-part webinar series that walks you through the entire process of developing the right digital marketing strategy for you — one that will increase your ROI and your exposure across your channels.
Speakers: Greg Ives, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor;
Frank Andolina, Manager Digital Marketing Services, ChannelAdvisor;
Sharidan Orr, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Branded Manufacturers

Mar 10, 2016E-Commerce for Brands: How to Get Off the Sidelines and Win Online

ChannelAdvisor Director of Brands, Jeff Messer discusses how brands can build a healthy, balanced e-commerce strategy and adapt to evolving sales channels and consumer behaviors.
Speakers: Zak Stambor, Editor, Internet Retailer;
Jeff Messer, Director of Brands, ChannelAdvisor

Nov 18, 2014Branded Manufacturers: Learn How to Boost E-Commerce Opportunities

Learn about ChannelAdvisor for Brands, the industry’s first holistic e-commerce initiative that enables brands to boost product sales and complement activities on other e-commerce channels.
Speakers: Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor;
Mike Shapaker, Vice President of Brands and Manufacturers, ChannelAdvisor

Cross-Border Trade

Aug 19, 2015VAT & International Shipping Options (Amazon FBA & EBay GSP)

Meridian Global Services and ChannelAdvisor will help you understand the Value Added Tax (VAT) implications of popular shipping and fulfillment options to EU destinations to ensure that you stay compliant when you ship your products internationally.
Speakers: Zdenek Vajnlich, Senior VAT Manager, Meridian Global Services;
Delisa Reavis, Marketing Director, North America, ChannelAdvisor

May 13, 2015Cracking the Global Code: How to Sell Across Borders with Amazon and EBay

Explore Amazon’s and eBay’s international selling programs and how retailers can use them as springboards to global success.
Speakers: Gina DeFrank, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Jenny Hock, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor


Nov 03, 2015Google Reveals: Top Tips to Implement Before the Holiday Rush

Join Google and ChannelAdvisor for an exclusive webinar that uncovers that last-minute tweaks you can make on Google before the holiday rush.
Speakers: Sara Waters, Agency Development Manager, Google;
Valerie Anders, Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Sep 29, 2015ChannelAdvisor Autumn Release 2015: The Next Era of E-Commerce

Members of the ChannelAdvisor Product Management team give an in-depth look at the newest tools, insights and functionality included in the ChannelAdvisor Autumn Release 2015.
Speakers: Valerie Anders, Product Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor;
Gina DeFrank, Senior Product Manager, Marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor;
Link Walls, Vice President, Product Management, ChannelAdvisor

Sep 23, 2015#TrendingNow: How to Bridge the Gap Between E-Commerce and Social Media

Embark on a deep dive into social and visual commerce channels and trends. We’ll share essential tips and strategies from a “crawl, walk, run” approach, as well as cover the next wave of channels, such as Wanelo, Spring, Fancy and more.
Speakers: Michael Kane, Director of Marketing, Karen Kane;
Evan Carroll, Product Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Jul 23, 2015Holiday 2015: Does Your Fulfillment Strategy Check All the Boxes?

Hear expert tips and best practices to boost your holiday shipping strategy in time for Holiday 2015, and how to manage the high volume of returns after the holidays.
Speakers: Delano Mireles, Director of Sales and Service, ShipStation;
Danny Shaw, Director of Business Development, SkuVault;
Rachel Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 22, 2015Unwrapping Holiday 2015: E-Commerce Trends and Outlook

Join e-commerce expert and ChannelAdvisor Executive Chairman Scot Wingo to understand the crucial trends and consumer expectations that will help you capitalize on the 2015 holiday season.
Speakers: Scot Wingo, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, ChannelAdvisor

May 28, 2015What Happens When Your Webstore Platform Shuts Down?

Discover key pitfalls to avoid when migrating to a new webstore platform.
Speakers: Jessica Boquist, Business Analyst, ChannelAdvisor;
John McLeod, Sales Engineer, Bigcommerce

Apr 30, 2015ChannelAdvisor Spring Release 2015: The Smarter Way to Scale

Get an in-depth look at the updates included in the 2015 Spring Release.
Speakers: Rachel Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Greg Ives, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Mar 05, 2015Supply to Sell: Automate and Expand Your Automotive and Powersports Business

Learn how ChannelAdvisor Supply to Sell can be a game changer for you in 2015.
Speakers: Curt McDowell, Business Development Manager for Automotive and Powersports, ChannelAdvisor;
David Valentine, Executive Director of Strategic Business Development, ARI;
Chris Fellows, Director of Internet Solutions, DCi;
Christian Hassold, President and CEO, OrderPigeon