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Aug 27, 2015Foolproof Strategies: How Successful Retailers Have Mastered SEO

ChannelAdvisor SEO Strategist Tansy OBryant tackles the essential SEO components you need to get right for online retail — during the holiday season and beyond.
Speaker: Tansy OBryant, SEO Strategiest, ChannelAdvisor

Aug 19, 2015VAT & International Shipping Options (Amazon FBA & EBay GSP)

Meridian Global Services and ChannelAdvisor will help you understand the Value Added Tax (VAT) implications of popular shipping and fulfillment options to EU destinations to ensure that you stay compliant when you ship your products internationally.
Speakers: Zdenek Vajnlich, Senior VAT Manager, Meridian Global Services;
Delisa Reavis, Marketing Director, North America, ChannelAdvisor

Aug 05, 2015The Best Practices for Selling on Newegg Marketplace

Newegg and ChannelAdvisor identify best practices for selling on Newegg Marketplace, and how to apply them to your sales plan for a winning strategy.
Speakers: Mark Barlis, Marketing Manager, Newegg Marketplace;
Greg Rice, Marketing Manager, Newegg Marketplace;
Jayson Humphrey, Strategic Partnership Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Jul 23, 2015Holiday 2015: Does Your Fulfillment Strategy Check All the Boxes?

Hear expert tips and best practices to boost your holiday shipping strategy in time for Holiday 2015, and how to manage the high volume of returns after the holidays.
Speakers: Delano Mireles, Director of Sales and Service, ShipStation;
Danny Shaw, Director of Business Development, SkuVault;
Rachel Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 22, 2015Unwrapping Holiday 2015: E-Commerce Trends and Outlook

Join e-commerce expert and ChannelAdvisor Executive Chairman Scot Wingo to understand the crucial trends and consumer expectations that will help you capitalize on the 2015 holiday season.
Speakers: Scot Wingo, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, ChannelAdvisor


Apr 22, 2015Mapping Your Marketplace Moves

Hear from Build.com, who shares how the company has made marketplaces a driving force for their sales, and some of the successes and challenges they experienced along the way. This webinar also offers a study in short-term versus long-term marketplaces strategies.
Speakers: Luke Evans, Manager, Marketplaces Services, ChannelAdvisor;
Mackenzie Laney, Marketplaces Manager, Build.com

Mar 18, 20157 Ways to Get Kicked Off Amazon: Are You Guilty?

Learn seven of the most common reasons why retailers get suspended from Amazon and how to avoid making any missteps.
Speaker: Ryan Barker, Campaign Manager, Marketplace Services, ChannelAdvisor

Mar 10, 2015Thinking Outside the Box: How Jet.com Is Empowering Retailers to Win in E-Commerce and Sell Brilliant

Learn about the new marketplace on the block, Jet — the retailer-friendly, membership-based marketplace that offers competitive prices on millions of products, across all major categories.
Speakers: Marc Lore, CEO and Co-Founder, Jet;
Scott Hilton, Chief Revenue Officer, Jet;
Scot Wingo, CEO and Co-Founder, ChannelAdvisor;
Mark Vandegrift, Director, Business Development, ChannelAdvisor

Feb 11, 201515 Tactics Great Amazon Sellers Live By

Gain guidance on important strategies that great Amazon sellers employ to keep their products and brands front and center with shoppers.
Speakers: Josh Jamieson, Team Lead, Marketplace Services, ChannelAdvisor

Nov 18, 2014Direct from Newegg and Sears: Secrets for Success in Automotive & Powersports Selling

Newegg and Sears share the latest news related to their automotive and powersports categories as well as how to best stand out on their marketplaces.
Speakers: Thuy Dang, Director, Automotive Domain, Newegg;
Brooke Chambers, Account Manager, Sears Marketplace;
Curt McDowell, Business Development for Automotive and Powersports, ChannelAdvisor

Sep 30, 2014What's New With Amazon? (And What Does It Mean For You?)

Get a recap of Amazon’s most useful updates for retailers from 2014.
Speakers: Rachel Miller, Product Marketing Manager, Marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor;
Gina DeFrank, Product Manager, Amazon, ChannelAdvisor

Sep 10, 20145 Marketplaces You Need to Be Selling on Right Now

Hear directly from marketplace representatives at Sears, Newegg and Rakuten.com Shopping as they disclose tips on how to be successful on their marketplaces.
Speakers: Drew Rifkin, Director of Business Development, Rakuten.com Shopping;
Connie Yiu, Marketing Manager, Newegg;
Brooke Chambers, Account Manager, Sears Marketplace;
Jayson Humphrey, Strategic Partnership Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 24, 20145 Surprising Online Marketplaces That Can Make You Money

Discover 5 lesser-known third-party marketplaces retailers must be aware of in the US and abroad and best practices for breaking in and having successful sales.
Speakers: Jayson Humphrey, Strategic Partnership Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Jeremy Vandenberg, Marketplace & Comparison Shopping Manger, Discount Ramps

May 15, 2014How to Navigate the Nuances of Amazon Marketplaces: Your Top Amazon Questions Answered

Speakers will share answers to the top questions we’ve heard current Amazon sellers ask.
Speakers: Luke Evans, Marketplaces Services Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Darrin Walters, Owner, Champions on Display

Apr 07, 2014Introducing the eBay Defect Rate: eBay Seller Release 14.1 and How It Can Affect Your Sales

Take an in-depth look at the changes in eBay seller standards released in eBay’s Seller Release 14.1 and what you can do to take advantage of them — and avoid any negative consequences.
Speakers: Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor;
Jenny Hock, Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Feb 20, 20147 Secrets to Successful Selling on Amazon

Gain guidance on some of the most important strategies retailers should employ on Amazon to keep your products and brand one step ahead of the competition.
Speaker: John Bryan, Marketplace Services Team Lead, ChannelAdvisor

Nov 19, 2013The Man and Mind Behind Amazon: Digital Fireside Chat with Scot Wingo and Brad Stone

A one-on-one discussion with Brad Stone, author of the book The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon that reveals a deeper understanding of the brain behind Amazon.
Speakers: Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor;
Brad Stone, journalist, author

Aug 07, 2013Maximizing Your Opportunities on the Newegg Marketplace

The Newegg team pulls back the curtain on its merchandising and marketing opportunities aimed at helping sellers make the most of this marketplace and drive incremental sales.
Speakers: Correy Bravo, Senior Marketing & Merchandising Manager, Newegg;
Marc Sebes, Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Jul 09, 20137 Amazon Mistakes You Didn't Know (& Might be Making!)

The top Amazon seller mistakes are unveiled.
Speaker: Rachel Miller, US Manager, Customer Success Team, ChannelAdvisor

Apr 05, 2013Myths & Misconceptions of Selling on Amazon: Best Practices to Doing it Right

A discussion about the misconceptions of selling on Amazon including how to get started, how to do it right, and key ways to improve performance.
Speaker: Gina DeFrank, Amazon Product Owner and Business Analyst, ChannelAdvisor

Mar 07, 2013Understanding Third-Party Marketplaces

Learn about the new opportunities available around third-party marketplaces and which make sense for your business.
Speakers: Stephen Leitch, CEO, Savings Mall;
Marc Sebes, Product Manager, Marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor;
Andrew Gaffney, Publisher, Retail TouchPoints

Jan 31, 2013ChannelAdvisor and SHOP.COM: Broadening Your Marketplace Strategy

A look at the process of integrating with SHOP.COM through the ChannelAdvisor platform and a review of the growth opportunity on this channel.
Speakers: Jamie Claar, Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
James Ferrier, Director of Marketplace Sales, SHOP.COM

Digital Marketing

Jun 10, 2015No More Guesswork: Stop Sabotaging Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Learn important trends happening with Google Shopping, how each component of your campaign contributes to your success and actionable tips to improve your management strategy.
Speakers: Greg Ives, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor;
Evan Carroll, Product Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Sep 04, 2014From Conversation to Conversion: Getting Smart About Retail Digital Marketing

A two-part webinar series that walks you through the entire process of developing the right digital marketing strategy for you — one that will increase your ROI and your exposure across your channels.
Speakers: Greg Ives, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor;
Tansy Obryant, SEO Specialist, ChannelAdvisor;
Frank Andolina, Manager of Digital Marketing Services, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 04, 2014Google Shopping Campaigns 101: Everything Retailers Need to Know About Google’s Latest Update

Find out how Google’s Shopping campaigns will affect your Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns, and how to best manage the required transition.
Speakers: Nicole Premo, Google Partner Education Manager — Shopping & Emerging Ads, Google;
Jackie Jenkins, Senior Product Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

May 08, 2014Deconstructing Digital Daily Habits: A Deeper Understanding of How Gen Y/Z Affects Online Advertising

Learn about the online buying behavior of Generation Y/Z consumers.
Speaker: Edwin Wong, Senior Director of B2B Strategic Research & Insights, Yahoo

Oct 30, 2013Growing Sales with Pinterest

Hear about Pinterest’s launch of Rich Pins and how retailers can now capitalize on the interest generated on this social channel.
Speakers: John Yi, Marketing Developer Manager, Pinterest;
Link Walls, Vice President of Product Management, ChannelAdvisor;
Jim Dechow, Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 26, 20137 Tips for Relevancy and Revenue Using Google Shopping

A discussion of the best practices and tips around using Google Shopping to grow relevancy and sales.
Speakers: John Lawson, CEO, 3rd Power Outlet Founder, The eCommerce Group President, ColderCE Media;
Ronnie McNeill, Manager of Comparison Shopping Services, ChannelAdvisor;
Melissa Campanelli, Editor-in-Chief, Retail Online Integration

May 15, 2013Google and ChannelAdvisor Share Tips for Success with Enhanced Campaigns

Experts from Google and ChannelAdvisor discuss how advertisers are finding success with enhanced campaigns.
Speakers: Surojit Chatterjee, Group Product Manager for Enhanced Campaigns, Google;
Jackie Jenkins, Paid Search Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Frank Andolina, Paid Search Services Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Branded Manufacturers

Nov 18, 2014Branded Manufacturers: Learn How to Boost E-Commerce Opportunities

Learn about ChannelAdvisor for Brands, the industry’s first holistic e-commerce initiative that enables brands to boost product sales and complement activities on other e-commerce channels.
Speakers: Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor;
Mike Shapaker, Vice President of Brands and Manufacturers, ChannelAdvisor

Cross-Border Trade

May 13, 2015Cracking the Global Code: How to Sell Across Borders with Amazon and EBay

Explore Amazon’s and eBay’s international selling programs and how retailers can use them as springboards to global success.
Speakers: Gina DeFrank, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Jenny Hock, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Oct 16, 2014Simplify Global Expansion with the Right Marketplaces

An insider’s look at how international marketplaces can simplify global expansion for North American
Speakers: Michele Maginty, Strategic Partnerships Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Helcio Nobre, President, Dabee Technology (MercadoLibre);
Hamish MacDonald, Global Development Manager, Trade Me

Jun 25, 2014Grow Your Market: How to Go Global with eBay

See how eBay’s Global Shipping Program can make global expansion a cinch for your business.
Speakers: Aparna Lahiri, Global Shipping Team Member, eBay;
Rynhardt Hanekom, Cross-Border Trading Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Aug 28, 2014Scot Wingo's Guide to Smarter Cross-Border Trade

A three-part webinar series that explores the concept of Agile Cross-Border Trade and how to take a
measured, savvy approach to global commerce.
Speaker: Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor

May 24, 2013Getting Started with International Sales

An outline of how to make international e-commerce work for merchants of all sizes.
Speakers: Armando Roggio, Contributing Editor, Practical Ecommerce;
Gina DeFrank, Marketplace Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Jenny Hock, Senior Strategic Partnership Manager, ChannelAdvisor


May 28, 2015What Happens When Your Webstore Platform Shuts Down?

Discover key pitfalls to avoid when migrating to a new webstore platform.
Speakers: Jessica Boquist, Business Analyst, ChannelAdvisor;
John McLeod, Sales Engineer, Bigcommerce

Apr 30, 2015ChannelAdvisor Spring Release 2015: The Smarter Way to Scale

Get an in-depth look at the updates included in the 2015 Spring Release.
Speakers: Rachel Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Greg Ives, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Mar 05, 2015Supply to Sell: Automate and Expand Your Automotive and Powersports Business

Learn how ChannelAdvisor Supply to Sell can be a game changer for you in 2015.
Speakers: Curt McDowell, Business Development Manager for Automotive and Powersports, ChannelAdvisor;
David Valentine, Executive Director of Strategic Business Development, ARI;
Chris Fellows, Director of Internet Solutions, DCi;
Christian Hassold, President and CEO, OrderPigeon

Sep 18, 2014ChannelAdvisor 2014 Autumn Release: E-Commerce. Empowered.

Get an in-depth look at the updates included in ChannelAdvisor’s Autumn 2014 Release.
Speakers: Sheridan Orr, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor;
Rachel Miller, Product Marketing Manager, Marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor;
Greg Ives, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Jul 29, 2014Survey Says: Retailers' Top Holiday Strategies Revealed

Hear what retailers in the US and UK are planning to make the 2014 holiday season successful as well as
critical trends and expectations.
Speaker: Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor

Jun 27, 2013Inventory Everywhere: How to be in 100+ Places at One Time

Learn how to successfully list and sell products across channels such as marketplaces, search engines, comparison shopping sites and more.
Speakers: Woody Anderson, VP, E-commerce, ReCellular;
Luke Evans, Manager of Marketplaces Services, ChannelAdvisor