Referral Program

ChannelAdvisor Referral Program

Do you know retailers or branded manufacturers that are looking to grow their online business?

Are you a current ChannelAdvisor customer who has been asked which software vendors have contributed to your success? The ChannelAdvisor Referral Program gives you the opportunity to help retailers and brands grow by using the ChannelAdvisor solution – and we’ll pay you a referral fee for your efforts!

In order to receive referral payments, you’ll need to be signed up as a ChannelAdvisor Referral Partner.

To sign up, please email moc.rosivdalennahcnull@srentraplarrefer to begin the process.

If you’re already signed up, please submit your referral using this form.

All references are subject to the terms and conditions of your referral agreement.  In order to ensure that you’re eligible for a referral payment, please make sure that you have an active referral agreement in place.